About Bit Miner Chain
We set up the Bit Miner Chain (BTMC) project based on the Blockchaintechnology so as to build a decentralized integrated serviceplatform for the transaction of AI chips. The platform will rely on technical characteristics of Blockchain to provide fast and convenient services for global industryparticipants related to AI chips (producers, logistics providers, terminal users, etc.) . In near future, BTMC will also build the public Blockchain to allow more participants of industrial chains to build sub-chains on the public Blockchain, gradually establishing a decentralized AI chip supply system by the Blockchain technology.
Our Features
Build the most efficient data exchange center in the world
Build a decentralized integrated service
platform with AI chips as a mainstay
Provide secure and convenient payment channels
for transaction parties in AI chips
Provide respectively the transaction protection
and more service guarantees
for buyers and suppliers
Application scene
As a highly efficient decentralized service platform for AI supply chain, BTMC could be used in many occasions
AI chip transaction
By virtue of BTMC, a low cost and transparency is provided. Through decentralization and smart contracts, it makes P2P transactions possible. A transaction body in a node can make deals with other nodes, improving the efficiency and reducing the costs. The services include:
1.Smart transaction
2.Smart risk control
3.Smart matchmaking
Traceability Service
BTMC can serve as an effective solution to the anti-counterfeiting by making the AI chips informational, standard and transparent during the circulation.
Enterprise Alliance
In this case, the data can flow with no loss between upstream and downstream supply chain, and enterprises may establish the alliance at a lower cost and they don’t have to waste time playing game, but spend more energy thinking about how to compete with other supply chains in costs and efficiency to provide the best products and services for final customers.
Supply-chain Finance
For the purpose of BTMC, financial institutions may develop an application to provide the financial services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Blockchain technology enables the transaction parties to have a more transparent process and makes it easy to regulate the funds and logistics so as to avoid any non-substantial trading.
Community Service
BTMC is aimed at building a community of users where the downstream subscribers can have a free talk about whatever problems they have with the purchase and use of AI chips to share the experience of such purchasing.
Technical Features
- Instant verification for transactions
- Massive data storage
- High throughput
- Fast synchronization of node data
- Multi-business Blockchain structure
- Authority control strategy
- Secure private key access
- Multiple privacy protections
Supported by the technologies of artificial intelligence chip sector, BTMC has developed a partnership with Weizmann Institute of Science of Israel, one of the world’s top 10 research institutions, with a business focus on the big data industrial chain that has been endorsed for Northwest China by the National Development and Reform Commission. BTMC uses the blockchain AI chip technologies to build a shared and open community, realizing technical upgrade and win-win for market development worldwide.

BTMC Foundation was registered and established in Singapore in 2018. Specialized in the investment and development of blockchain sector, it is committed to building a blockchain flagship of multiple fields. BTMC is the core project of BTMC Foundation.

The Foundation is committed to construction and management of the BTMC in an attempt to ensure the sustainable BTMC development and the safe collection and effective management of funds. For the BTMC Foundation, the organizational structure is composed of decision-making committee, autonomous fund committee and executive committee; and the management structure contains the operational procedures and rules for daily work and special circumstances.The decision-making committee shall five members including three team representatives and two early investor representatives. All decisions shall be adopted with the consent from 3/5 of the members through the multi-signature system.

Early in July, 2017 - Bit Miner Chain team began to study the feasibility of the encryption currency mining and profitability, we realized that high technical AI chips and large-scale cloud computing center is an ideal scheme.
Founding Team
Michael Knott
Co-founder (CTO)
Mr. Michael graduated from University of Pretoria, Computer Science, BSc.He ever acted as CTO and co-founder of Cyber Hosting in San Diego, California, US; CA senior architect of consulting department of Union Bank; CTO of Distributive Networks in Washington DC, US; CTO of 7 Senses Labs AI in Shenzhen, China.
Nikolay Petrov
Project Sponsor (CEO)
Mr. Nikolay Petrov graduated from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University,Technics and technology master’s degree, Computer Database Cryptography. 2012 The University of North London, Special Computer Science Educational Program: Level 5, applied Mathematics for Decentralized Database Construction.
Paul Jones
Co-founder (CMO)
Mr. Paul Jones, serial founder and investor with 51 years of business experience in North America and in SE Asia for the last 18 years. Blockchain Innovator Crypto Currency Entrepreneur,Founding and voting member of a technology incubator for blockchain innovation. It is the AML, CTF, KYC compliant blockchain ecosystem.Current
Wendy Tan
Senior Securities Analyst
Graduating from University of Wollongong with the major of Master of Finance, Wendy Tan has worked to be responsible for the securities analysis and research in the domestic securities and private equity companies.
Dr. Andy Li
Senior Researcher
With the expertise of microeconomics and finance research, Andy Li is responsible for analyzing the microeconomic operation situation in China and beyond, and is committed to analyzing the international commodity market, domestic and foreign stock markets and policies of the leading national central banks.
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